Sunday, 1 March 2015

A peek at the Salon de The, and how 'Flora' got her name

Just a peek through the Salon de The (which is a work in progress) into the florist shop. I will go back to square one shortly and show more photos of the florist shop, "Flora". 

The name Flora came about because I had some vintage metal letters which I brought to Australia when I moved here as a young bride 43 years ago!! My father, in Canada, had an iron foundry and these metal letters were used to imprint the name "City of Vancouver" into manhole covers. Of the 15 letters in that title, I had only 7. What could I spell, for a French florist shop with F, T, O, R, U, C, Y??? Well, the T was changed into an L and the U became an A. If anyone, especially you French speakers, has a better name, I'd love to hear about it! And who can use a C or Y?
I hope you are all enjoying Spring or early Autumn weather - nothing too extreme anywhere. 

Happy miniaturing!