Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Well, Hello again at long last.  As promised, here is another look at my florist shop "Flora".

It was my first attempt at a room box, so I have learned a lot, especially on the construction side of things. As you can see, it is side-opening, with two removable brass pins (nails) which allow the whole side to come off. On the outside is my version of a climbing rose on a trellis. The trellis is actually part of an old coffee machine. The boxes, made of mat board and drinking straws, contain hyacinths make with bunka. Also in the boxes are box hedges (ha ha) made of dyed sesame seeds.

Inside, the florist's work room is at the rear. Not a room I would want to arrange flowers in but the florist is tiny! The work table is made of mat board and a cheap plastic picture frame. On the wall, the rack is made with florist wire and parts of an old umbrella.

The down lights in the front windows are actually metal icing tips. They look quite good at night!

Behind the work room, and opening on to the front of the shop is the store-room where the florist also takes his lunch. It should have had a door to the outside as it is impossible to access now that the roof is in place. I made the roof permanent as the wires for the lights all run across it (under the "metal") and down the back into a box in the "back alley". As I said, I am learning!

In the shop, most of the flowers were my own invention, but I have also been given some by my Mineteer friends, Elizabeth (Studio E) and Fatima (Beauxminis). Janine (Minworks) gave me many treasures, including the book of botanical prints on the florist's table.

Outside at the front of the shop is the delivery bike I made from a Pheonix Developments kit. So challenging!!! In it is the wonderful basket made for me by Lidi at Basketcase Miniatures.

As you all know, a project like this is never really finished and I will be tweaking it for ever I feel but
I couldn't wait to start on Salon de Thé  while I was supposed to be really finishing the florist shop. I will try to do another post soon with more photos but in the meantime here is a little peek of the entry...

It is nearly finished, but not quite, and already I am deeply thinking of the next project. I can hear my mother saying to me "Finish one thing before you start another!"

Thanks for having a look,

Cheers, Linda