Tuesday, 19 February 2019

At last!

It has been  LONG, LONG time since I posted. Thanks to Janine http://www.minworks.blogspot.com, I'm back!
Since building the Ladies Emporium, I have made a French Pavilion or, as I like to call it, a Ladies Boudoir.

I've made this structure from foam core as I do not cut wood - well, not very well! Foamcore is amazingly strong and is so easy to manipulate. The round window frames are from lids of my morning yoghurt. Beautiful pots at front door are by Elizabeth Causeret. Over the front door is a bigger yoghurt lid cut in half and embellished.

Side view with wisteria, half finished. The front wall of the pavilion is removable, as is the roof.

Looking in from the front door, I have a lovely chaise longue and a beautiful carpet, both by Norma Bennett Miniatures. In the corner cupboard is my English silver tea service from Dimitri Shevchenko of St. Petersburg. Both of these friends can be found on Facebook.

The beautiful French Mantel Clock is by Keith Bougourd at Small Time and the sewing box is by Chris Malcolmson. On the right behind the screen is a selection of perfume bottles, and a fabulous mannequin by Elizabeth of studioeminiatures http://www.studioeminiatures.blogspot.com

Looking from the back door towards the front entrance.

The desk of Madame is actually a dining table from Alison Davies Miniatures and shoes are by Patrizia Santi.

And finally, a closer look at my beautiful silver (which I adore) and two beautiful white jars by Elizabeth Causeret. The petit point cushion is one of mine as are the flowers, sitting on the Alison Davies small console.
I hope you have enjoyed this little look at my "Boudoir". It will soon be joined by a Conservatory full of plants (eventually!)
And I promise to post again before another 2 years!
Mini hugs to all, Linda