Friday, 1 March 2019

Close encounters and into the future

Well here I am again. I promised Janine I would try to post again soon so as not to forget what she had taught me. So here I am and it is already March here in Australia. I thought I would give you a close-up look at some of the components of my "boudoir". I mentioned that the round windows were made from the lids of yoghurt pots. The only hard part to these was painting them to look like sandstone.

Somehow I can't get these photos to go where I want them! But these are the before and after of the round windows.

These are the before and after of the front doors. I used a basic 4 panel glass door and boarded up all but one window on each door. I then used "puffy stickers" to embellish the door before it was painted. I found these fabulous stickers at the dollar store and of course they have never been available again. They are so easy to paint, cut, etc. I have used them extensively on the interior as well - painted gold.

This is the interior of the front doors. I used 4 mirrors to block out the windows and again used "puffy stickers", this time colouring them gold and adding some trim at the bottom from "gold" bangles found at thrift stores.
This is a close-up of slippers I made on 60 hpi silk canvas. I had done a cushion on 56 hpi so I thought 60 wouldn't be any more difficult. I was wrong. This will probably be the first and last on 60!

This is the arrangement I showed in the last post - I think it was cut off a bit then. I made most of these from tissue paper.

And now for the Future bit!
The Conservatory addition is coming along. Here is the floor, made from Contact paper (the sticky backed paper used for lining shelves, etc). I found it at our big hardware chain which is similar to Home Depot in North America. I was lucky enough to find it in white and black marble effect. It is so easy to use as there is a grid pattern drawn on the back to help with cutting. The floor grates ( which are not showing up in this photo) are pieces of a Chinese wooden fan. Not sure if they are for heating the conservatory or for drainage, but I thought they belonged! As with the boudoir, I am building the conservatory from 10mm. foam core and balsa wood.

Stay tuned for more on the conservatory. I hope to get much more done in the next week but a bathroom renovation (in RL) and a visit from the Canadian grandchildren for 2 weeks, may cramp my style a bit.
Thanks for visiting!