Monday, 6 May 2019

Let there be light

My Conservatory is coming along slowly but in the meantime I thought I'd show you the central light fixture. It was fairly easy to do and it does seem to suit the space.

Below are some off-cuts of very thin brass, left over from scissors I purchased from DollsHouse Mall. Unfortunately there was not a long enough piece to go around the glass dome so I had to cut two pieces. I used a very small hole punch to make three holes in the brass strip. The really tricky bit was working out the distance between the holes. Mathematics was never my strong suit so it was a matter of luck. I guess if I measured the circumference and divided by three that would have worked. The fact that I had to overlap the two brass pieces complicated things!

Photo below shows the glass dome that I started with. Sorry about the order! I bought this from Michaels.
The actual light fitting was one from a table lamp. This photo below shows one that was going to work, but the bulb was not replaceable. Also, the table lamp that I used had two struts that not only added interest but held a larger jump ring in place. If you have a look at the first photo above, you can see that I glued the brass strip to the top of the upturned dome, after I had placed three tiny brass jump ring in the three holes - I think I used Quik Grip. Then I joined on three pieces of chain. At the neck of the upturned lamp I attached the chain to the larger jump ring. To finish the top edge I used a tiny bit of gold braid.

If you look closely you will see the lamp hanging from the ceiling , which isn't there yet!

I hope this has made some sort of sense! Stay tuned for the next blog as I show plants, etc. Thanks for looking!