Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Ladies Emporium ....etc.

After a very, very long absence Elizabeth and Janine have helped me do a post again. This time from Canada.

Here is my beautiful English-style tea set which is hall-marked sterling silver made by Dmitri Shevchenko from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Dmitri can be found on Facebook.

This was a special gift from my daughter for a very "special" birthday. No, I won't mention which decade!

It is absolutely exquisite. The hot water pot is chained to the frame which also supports a removable burner. Each piece is very finely made and will be a family heirloom.

The following are photos of my (supposedly) completed - are they ever finished, Ladies Emporium.

The hat on the left was made by Fatima, the tray by StudioE. Elizabeth also found the mannequin on the left and the one on the right was a Thrift store find. Norma of MakeMineMini made the cushion.
The pink ensemble was purchased at the Sydney Miniature Show a couple of years ago.

The red bench in the centre was made from a sectioned round plastic pill box from the dollar store and the hat supports are stems of plastic flowers.  The shoes are by Judith Blondell purchased in Toronto.

The Chanel suit was made from fabric given to me by Elizabeth of StudioE  from a REAL Chanel jacket. Yes, she actually cut it up for minis!

Another beautiful vanity tray by Studio E displayed on a wood pillar given to me by Fatima of Beauxminis. The tray even has butterflies on it to reflect the name of the shop Papillion.

This is a 56 hpi cushion from a kit by Nicola Mascall. On this chair I removed the needlework canvas on the backrest and replaced with caning using linen thread - a bit difficult to do as the back is curved not rectangular.

I love doing petit point so I designed some cushion patterns, others are a combination of patterns from pinterest and books. It takes me approximately two days to stitch the design. It's like eating peanuts - once you start it is hard to stop.

Petit point 50 hpi slippers made for the Miniteers.  Christmas for Fatima - Vitoria, centre slippers for Villa Leone and bee slippers for Minworks French House.

Hopefully I will get back on my blog soon. Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and New Year.
Happy mini-ing!