Thursday, 28 January 2016

Miniteers of Vancouver

I was thrilled to be welcomed to Elizabeth's for lunch in January with the Miniteers of Vancouver.
It is an honour and privilege to be associated with such talented people.
We, of course, talked (a lot) and exchanged ideas. Miniaturists are the nicest people!
 Janine, Elizabeth and Fatima
Linda, Elizabeth and Fatima

I'm now back in Australia after 5 weeks in the ice and snow (in Whistler, not Vancouver), and am anxious to get back to my Ladies' Emporium, "Papillon".
Hope you are all enjoying your minis.
Cheers, Linda

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

A New Start for a New Year

Happy 2016 everyone.
I will make an new start on my Blog and resolve to work harder at it.
My florist shop and Salon de The are happily awaiting their new neighbour, "Papillon" - a Ladies Emporium. Progress is slow due to too much travelling in 2015.

These are espadrilles I made for Janine of Minworks for her future project.

Here is Flora and Salon de The awaiting the new neighbour. Of course they are both still "works in progress".

Here is view through the door of the Salon de The. The "real" canework on the chairs was a real challenge. Some of the cakes were a gift from Elizabeth of StudioEMiniatures.

This is a thread holder made from very old brass mirror mounts and a pincushion from another brass turning. The Australian 5 cent piece is about the size of an American dime.

This will be a counter-top display in the Ladies Emporium. The two rings in the crystal and black blocks are real diamonds from the Argyll Diamond Mine in Australia - one being canary colour and appropriately tiny. The counter-top base is made from a plastic picture frame and the "glass" lid is from a Ferrero Rocher chocolate box.

Today, being in Canada, I'm heading for a much anticipated meeting of the Miniteers!
Greetings to all, Linda