Thursday, 13 June 2019

Conservative conservatory

Here's hoping this works. I am going solo on this posting, without the help of Norma or Janine.
I'm afraid it will be rather a rushed job as we're flying out of Sydney tomorrow morning at 6am to Zurich via Dubai, but I thought I should show you the nearly finished Conservatory.

I am calling it a conservative conservatory as it is without a lot of colour. Madame who inhabits the boudoir and conservatory, only likes white plants and lots of greenery.

Looking from the boudoir into the conservatory.

I couldn't find a wire plant stand that I liked so I made this one. It does look a bit English Victorian, but I believe Madame got it as a present from an 
English friend. The white geraniums (pelargoniums) are doing well

I also made some lily of the valley and a frangipani.

On the right are some fragrant gardenias and a
white orchid in the center

I will start on the exterior when we return from Europe.

Thanks for having a look at what is a pretty poor effort, but I think I've done it! And on my Ipad at that!
Hugs, Linda